How Dental Implants Evolved Throughout The Years

Since ancient times, dental implants have helped humans in various ways. Some of the first civilizations would find aesthetic uses for implants, while others would use them to aid in eating. However, it was only in the 1700s that modern dental implants began to take shape, with alloys and sometimes gold being used.

Fast forward a hundred years, towards the end of the 1800s, when the practice of putting porcelain crowns on top of platinum discs was first introduced. It was welcomed for a while until the human body showed signs of rejecting the invention, as the body would any artificial foreign object installed on it at the time.
Several experts realized that for the implants to work, it needed to be fused to the bone through osseointegration. A lot of experiments were done and it took a lot of time. In 1952, an orthopedic surgeon named Branemark finally made the breakthrough. He discovered, albeit by accident, that it was titanium that was best suited for osseointegration.

Music And Sports: A Healthy Duo

It doesn’t surprise sports fans that their favorite athletes are also good singers and musicians. Before a game, professional players are seen entering the court with their headphones on. In the Olympics, the opening and closing ceremonies are anticipated because of musical performances. Musical artists participate in exhibition matches together with pro athletes, giving everyone a great time.

Teamwork isn’t only experienced in sports. Playing in a band builds a bond among members, just like in any other team sport. A guitar player won’t play the part of a drummer; neither will a drummer play the part of the pianist. When a band plays together, it is expected that each member knows his part. To fully know his part, he would have to listen to the piece over and over again, memorize the parts of the other members, but acknowledge that he won’t be able to play those because he is to play his own part. Like in a basketball team, a center won’t have the same skillset as a po…

Property Development Considerations In The Dental Services Industry

When it comes to services for a market of consumers, certain standards are followed, so that through compliance, quality is ensured. This is more so when it comes to services concerning a person’s health. It would be good to examine the dental industry in light of property development.

A dental clinic should adhere to standards of cleanliness. A lot of crucial processes in the practice of dentistry are dependent on a sanitary environment, because dental treatments tend to leave patients vulnerable to all sorts of diseases. In property development, a dental clinic should be situated far from pollution and septic environments.
A clinic’s location should also be a huge factor in determining whether or not it will be approved as a service establishment. It would be prudent to situate a dental clinic in a place where many people need it. It should also have a high amount of accessibility, so that people are not given a hard time reaching it, especially in emergency situations.
Finally, …

Too Much Sugar CanPoor-Dental-Health-Among-Children

A lot of parents use sugary treats to “contain” their children, especially when they’re starting to get rowdy. Children are allowed a lot of sweets like candy, ice cream, chocolates, cake, and sometimes carbonated drinks. Too much sweets can cause children to have colds, cough, acid reflux, type two diabetes—and most of all—poor dental health at a young age. But some parents are still not convinced that their children are exposed to chronic and avoidable health problems because of sugar.

Cavities that cause tooth decay can set in even at a young age. Cavities are infections caused by acids that bore holes in the teeth. The mouth is full of bacteria, and many of which bring benefit to one’s overall oral health. However, if these oral bacteria feed on sugars children eat, the mouth produces acids that can bring harm to the tooth’s enamel. When cavities are not treated well, it can cause pain and tooth loss.

Despite the bad news about cavity, the damages it caused can be reversed. …

The Importance Of Educating Children About Proper Dental Care

Dental care is an important part of daily living. Without much argument, any form of irregularity on a person’s teeth can bring about suffering across many aspects. A lot of people today have dental issues that likely had a chance to be corrected when they were much younger. The truth is, educating children about dental care fixes a lot of problems before they take over a person’s life.

A child can easily develop bad habits early on, which simply have to be corrected. The most infamous of all these is poor tooth brushing habits. Sometimes a child skips on brushing altogether. They should be taught about brushing regularly. There are also other routines that have annoyed parents, like brushing without using the right amount of toothpaste or brushing at a rushed pace. These habits have to be corrected, too.
Children also tend to consume a ridiculous amount of sugar in their diet. Not only is this bad for their health in general, but it’s also a cause of tooth decay. When …