Four reasons pediatric dentistry matters

Children must be introduced to oral health even before their first tooth grows out. The expert is that parents teach their children about dental care as soon as they reach the age of one. When the first tooth comes out, it is best to schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist. 
While parents are on the first line of defense when it comes to their child’s dental woes, bringing them to a pediatric dentist ensures that special care will be given to the child, which not all dentists can give. Particular dental issues or conditions in children require the expertise of a pediatric dentist. Dr. Kami Hoss, the founder of The Super Dentist, says that pediatric dentists use special methods to make kids comfortable every time they visit the dental office, most particularly during their first visit.

Pediatric dentists offer treatments such as infant oral health tests, including risk examinations for tooth decays in both child and mother; preventive dental care which includes fluori…

Is there an easy fix for tooth decay?

The human body has the ability to heal itself. Broken skin or bones can heal on their own. However, tooth enamel cannot heal on its own. According to the American Dental Association, tooth enamel does not contain living cells, therefore it has no ability to wear or repair on its own.

Contrary to posts on the Internet saying there are natural ways to get rid of dental caries, one simply cannot get rid of such in a couple of days on their own. The moment the decay hits the softer part of the enamel and reaches the tooth structure, the situation could get worse. Dr. Kami Hoss says that the only way to effectively get rid of cavities is by having it treated by a professional.

If the cavity is in its early stage, a dentist would perform a basic filling treatment by removing the portion of the tooth with the decay. The dentist then cleans the part of the tooth with the cavity to get it ready for the filling. The filling material covers the area where the cavity used to be.

In w…

A run-through on the importance of oral hygiene

It is appropriate for a person to make it a goal to have good oral and dental hygiene to have strong teeth, fresh breath, and healthy gums. It may not be evident to many, but maintaining good oral health is integral to keeping good general health.

Dentists all over the world urge their patients to brush and floss their teeth regularly, and for important reasons. According to Dr. Kami Hoss, a healthy mouth combats health issues. Doctors can tell much about a person’s health just by looking inside their mouth or taking a swab of their saliva. An individual suffering from gum disease may carry an increased risk of alarming health problems such as stroke, heart attack, preterm labor, and poorly managed diabetes.

Several infections that can lead to more complicated health issues start from the mouth. Gingivitis, a common inflammation of the gums, can progress into periodontitis, a more acute infection that may result in tooth loss. Part of keeping proper oral hygiene is visiting t…

Advice to new dental hygienists

Every year, tens of students walk out of the halls of Howard Healthcare Academy as dental hygienists. Although those at the school believe they've prepared them enough to face the rigors of their vocation, the world is always the more challenging classroom. Here's what Dr. Kami Hoss of The Super Dentists would like to tell new dental hygienists out there to help them become more successful in their jobs.

First and foremost, never forget to be proud of your knowledge and your skills. Some may think a dental hygienist's work is second only to the dentist’s but no dental treatment progresses far without your work. You prep the patient's teeth to receive the optimal benefits of what procedures they receive in the dentist's chair.

Second, value your name and your license. When you sign something, make sure it's a seal signifying your best work as a hygienist and your character as a person. Make sure you've crossed the Ts and dotted the Is and you have ever…

Dr. Kami Hoss and the philosophy behind The Super Dentists

While dentists all over the country continuously strive to give patients better service quality, very few aspire to help their community grow and promote the values of good oral hygiene. One such orthodontist is San Diego’s Dr. Kami Hoss, co-founder and CEO of The Super Dentists. Since 1996, Dr. Hoss began the expansion of The Super Dentists, which now has over 120 employees and five offices across San Diego.

The Super Dentists has guiding principles such as rapport with children, experience, expertise, innovation, technology, convenience, accessibility, affordability, education, and education. These principles are apparent with a visit to any of The Super Dentist’s offices. All of the sites have a comic book-like design that helps put children at ease. And behind these colorful designs are some of the latest orthodontic technology. This technology allows the facility to conduct procedures that very few dentists in the country can accomplish.

Not only do these principles guide T…

A guide to maintaining a healthy smile while wearing braces

Dental braces are devices that help correct misaligned and overcrowded teeth. For many individuals, these dental structures can cause damage to their teeth and gums. They can also cause difficulties in breaking down food. While most people wear braces during their adolescent years, these days, it's not uncommon for adults to improve their teeth with the dental appliance. Dr. Kami Hoss shares this guide to maintaining a healthy smile while wearing braces.

Brush and floss more.

Food and bacteria can build up in the mouth faster with braces in place. This is why dentists advise their patients to brush after every meal. Those who wear braces use special brushes that can clean the brackets. Flossing should be done at least once a day to keep teeth and gums clean.

Stay away from hard and sticky foods.

Dentists like Dr. Kami Hoss advise their patients to watch what they eat. Hard and crunchy foods like nuts can damage the brackets. Gum, cheese, and candies can stick to the w…

Are these the worst foods for your teeth?

If it’s true that you are what you eat, then you might want to consider quitting certain foods because they are bad news for your teeth and overall dental health. For starters, they can cause plaque, which can seriously damage your teeth and lead to tooth decay as well as gum disease. Here are some of the top offenders, according to author, dentist, and entrepreneur Dr. Kami Hoss.

Sour candies and sweets: Dentists have long sounded the alarm on sticky candies and sweets, and for a good reason. Sour candy, for instance, contains more and various types of acids that damage your teeth. Since they’re also chewy and tend to stick to your teeth longer, they are more likely to result in decay. You’re likely better off with chocolate, which you can quickly chew and isn’t as bad as other sugar-laden treats.

Carbonated drinks: Sodas enable plaque to create more acid, attacking tooth enamel. Sip it all day, and you can expect that you’re coating your teeth in acid. Furthermore, it dries…