How To Encourage Children To Floss

Much has already been said about the importance of brushing the teeth regularly as part of maintaining children’s proper oral hygiene. However, flossing should also be included in the routine because it is the best way to extract food debris that is trapped between the teeth or the spaces where gums meet the teeth, areas that a toothbrush could not reach.

As many parents know, it is quite schallenging to get their children to floss for a variety of reasons. Listed below are some tips on how to encourage kids to floss.
Demonstrate how it is done: Flossing obviously requires more dexterity than brushing, which is why parents should show the kids first how it should be done. It is better to pay a visit to a dental clinic so that both parents and children would get to learn the proper way of flossing. The family can even make it a family affair by including it in the nighttime routine.Use floss picks or floss holders: Because it may take time before children can master the prope…

Things To Consider Before Starting a Dental Practice

Aspiring dentists who want to open their own practice, like three out of four dentists in America, need to plan well so that they could eventually get a return on their investment. Here are some of the factors that should be researched on before establishing their dental business:

Location: Location is one of the most important things to consider in just about any business endeavor. Being a medical practice, there will always be a demand for dental services. What should then be ensured is that the clinic is visible and accessible to clients. Of course, the more prime a location is, the higher the purchase cost or lease would be. And legal documents and certifications will also depend on the location of the business. 
Marketing: A dentist can be the best in his field, but without proper marketing, their business would still flounder. There should be a sound marketing plan, with much effort and resources allotted to advertisements on both online and print media. 
Staff: Dentists …

Great ways to teach your kids to embrace oral hygiene

Parents should be aware that good oral practices begin in childhood. It is imperative then that we inculcate the value of oral hygiene in our kids early on. It doesn’t matter that those teeth are temporary; our little ones should learn to take care of them because the healthy habit will be carried into their adult lives.

Firstly, take time to explain to them the importance of brushing their teeth. Don’t just order them to do so twice a day; they’ve to understand what would happen if they don’t brush, like the pain of tooth decay and developing plaque. Adjust your explanation to their age. For example, a six-year-old might not grasp what plaque is, but could understand what germs are. 
In connection with the previous point, make brushing a fun experience for them. You can sing a song while they brush, or brush your own teeth with them so that they associate the activity with enjoyment. 
Regular visits to the dentist is a must. Both kids and adults should go see a dentist once e…

Tried And Tested Ways To Prepare a Child For a Visit To The Dentist

For many kids, the thought of going to the dentist is dreaded, as they associate the whole experience with pain and discomfort. As for parents, instead of dealing with their child's fear during the actual examination, it might be helpful to prepare them for their regular check-up. Below are some tried and tested tips for a successful visit to the dentist with kids:

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Introduce the dentist

The thought of having someone unfamiliar examining their teeth can be uncomfortable, even for adults. To spare a child from discomfort upon meeting a stranger, parents can take them to the dentist's office beforehand so that they can get to know their dentist better. If the dentist or a hygienist has time, he or she can show the child around the office to allay his or her fears. This will prepare the child for the real appointment. If the child enjoys the experience, he or she might see the dentist as a friend.

Prepare for the visit at home

To prevent a chil…

Things You Can Learn From Watching The World Cup

International football culminates every four years in the FIFA World Cup, with 32 nations vying for the grand title of world’s best. While soccer is not as popular in the U.S. as its own football or basketball, there are many fine life lessons that can be learned from watching and going to these games. Here are some of them.

One, brands get to showcase their products in these events. Global brands like Adidas and Coca-Cola are staple in the World Cup, with ads integrated into the event and placed on billboards and players’ jerseys, feeding on the worldwide passion for the game. The idea is to tie products to the image and community surrounding the event, and not just focus on the products alone.
Secondly, the so-called underdog always gets a chance. Not all countries that make it to the World Cup are powerhouses. In fact, perennial contender Italy just lost to Sweden in the recent qualifiers for the 2018 games in Russia. On the last day, Peru got in as well. The World Cup s…

How Dental Implants Evolved Throughout The Years

Since ancient times, dental implants have helped humans in various ways. Some of the first civilizations would find aesthetic uses for implants, while others would use them to aid in eating. However, it was only in the 1700s that modern dental implants began to take shape, with alloys and sometimes gold being used.

Fast forward a hundred years, towards the end of the 1800s, when the practice of putting porcelain crowns on top of platinum discs was first introduced. It was welcomed for a while until the human body showed signs of rejecting the invention, as the body would any artificial foreign object installed on it at the time.
Several experts realized that for the implants to work, it needed to be fused to the bone through osseointegration. A lot of experiments were done and it took a lot of time. In 1952, an orthopedic surgeon named Branemark finally made the breakthrough. He discovered, albeit by accident, that it was titanium that was best suited for osseointegration.

Music And Sports: A Healthy Duo

It doesn’t surprise sports fans that their favorite athletes are also good singers and musicians. Before a game, professional players are seen entering the court with their headphones on. In the Olympics, the opening and closing ceremonies are anticipated because of musical performances. Musical artists participate in exhibition matches together with pro athletes, giving everyone a great time.

Teamwork isn’t only experienced in sports. Playing in a band builds a bond among members, just like in any other team sport. A guitar player won’t play the part of a drummer; neither will a drummer play the part of the pianist. When a band plays together, it is expected that each member knows his part. To fully know his part, he would have to listen to the piece over and over again, memorize the parts of the other members, but acknowledge that he won’t be able to play those because he is to play his own part. Like in a basketball team, a center won’t have the same skillset as a po…